Just wrapped Production Design and costumes for the first three episodes of ‘New Partner’. A web series created by Josh Margolin and Quinn Beswick.

Special appearances by Wayne Knight, Nick Searcy, Josh Fadem & Sasha Speilberg.

In November I worked with Starlight Studios as both Production Designer and Costume Designer for their pilot episode of ‘Cheap Movies’.

Cheap Titanic’ included various custom art and costumes. I even built some miniatures. 

Starlight Studios

in other news..I can’t stop eating frozen chimichanga’s


3 Time LPGA Champion Linda Munns is fresh out of prison and is coming to YOUR school to teach kids about drugs with her new “Munns’ Motivational DVD”

Sneak Peak !!!!

I Recently wrapped designing Costumes for a full length feature on location in Post Falls Idaho. I dressed my first goat!

It was a beautiful location and the crew & cast was awesome !

Bendable Penis puppet build  and custom fleece turtle neck for ABTV Danny Perez.

Interior is tiered cylindrical foam stacks for flexibility. Foam head carved with movable opening at tip.

Cash Moneez Ghetto Fab Pharaoh for DOUBLE VISION a VCR & FUTRA multi media art and fashion event at Angel City Brewery.  

July 27th, 2013

Custom foam sculpted and embellished Pharaoh headdress with accessories. Lotto scratchers pattern cut and applied by hand.

Entire look created in three days.

Teddy couple costumes for Big Deal, “In Your Car” music video

Directed by Danny Perez

Produced by Brooklyn Reptyle Films

Hot Chip “Look At Where We Are’

Headdress design, construction and wardrobe.

Directed by Danny Perez. Produced by Josh Cohen Sandwich Video.

Vice & The Creators Project

Avey Tare creepo harlequin. Custom cape and drape.

Animal Collective, “Today’s Supernatural” music video

Directed by Danny Perez. Produced by Ways & Means.

Domino Records